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Bending Tree Inspirational Blog

Bending Tree Inspirational Blog

Bending Tree Inspirational Blog

Money Is Energy

April 18, 2011|

My mom told me recently, ‘when it comes to money, people become a different animal.’ Why is this? What causes the change? Why not change your thinking about money? Money [...]

Doing Your Best

May 17, 2011|

We all seem to be our own worst critics, where the human tendency is to look at the "should haves" in every situation. I wonder, is it safer to think [...]

Letting Go to Flow

July 3, 2011|

I recently got a new puppy and it's been awhile since I had one. Amid the joy of this adorable new being, I found myself missing my last dog intensely [...]

You Have Nothing To Lose

July 26, 2011|

Happy and sad; bliss and frustration; easy and difficult; gaining and losing. Life seems full of opposing forces, but the truth is, it's all the same. The universe is always [...]

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