One day I noticed a spider spinning a web between the palm trees in my backyard. It was big, and beautiful with many intricate layers. Then one of the palm fronds fell, as they do when they dry out, wiping out the web. But, the spider just got back to it and created another web, without hesitation, without a doubt.

When we create something in our lives we will encounter many palm fronds that may partially or totally destroy it. The first reaction when something gets destroyed is that we failed, but did we? Or is it a chance to look at things again, differently; or even a chance to be solid in our purpose and, without a doubt, create it again.

The creative process is about, well, creating, but also destroying, shedding and leaving things behind that no longer serve or work in the project. This is transformation. The creative process is about not holding on to the last step, the last moment. As the spider leaves behind the destroyed web and proceeds on a new one without attachment, our creative process is just the same. We must continue to leave behind the last step; let go of attachments.

When we let go of attachments it doesn’t mean we let go of caring, of our emotions, but rather of the superficiality of things; the surrounding distractions. We get to the heart of the matter, and allow that to enter our being, to be our source of transformation. When we let go of attachments such as disappointment, anger, frustration, blame, we allow ourselves to be open to inspiration. Joy enters and we can see a resolution.

And, without a doubt, we create again.