Recently I’ve had to make some business decisions and take some time to reassess what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how. Usually when I make business decisions or any decision for that matter I use my divine resources. This may not be the traditional way to make a business decision that we learn in school, but it works and it works well if you have faith, believe in yourself and shed all that doubt that is telling you that this seems crazy. And, to tap into your divine resources to bring in divine order and perfection, all you have to do is ask.

I ask the Creator of All That Is for guidance to stay on the path of my highest and best good, in this flow, where all things happen easily and effortlessly. I ask for the steps to take to get there, one by one, and with each step I ask again. This may sound like a lot of work but it is automatic once you do it a few times.

Also available to us are our guardian angels, we all have them and they are here to work for us, they love it, so give them a job. Hand it over to them to do. It’s as simple as asking for them to guide you during that job interview; or that roadtrip. And see what happens. You can even ask them to help you see the signs that the universe is giving you in that next step toward a relationship, buying a house or getting that dream job.

To summon your angels, it can be with statements like these:
Angels please guide me on this interview for my highest and best good.
Angels please protect me, my passengers and my car during this roadtrip.
You can add visualizations; or as much detail as you would like. Sometimes the more detail the better…

One time, during a hurricane I asked for my angels to protect everything on the roof. And, they did. I left a yoga mat up there and it was unmoved. A small plant in a 1/2 soda bottle also unmoved. But my palapa roof was torn off from the rebarb base, posts and all. I didn’t mention for them to protect that and it went flying.

But, what gets in the way of our divine guidance and our angels is fear. And, it is most important that we leave our fears behind; leave them in the dust. As we progress on our path, if we find that we are hesitating; or we have that feeling in the pit of our stomach; stop and ask “what am I afraid of?” and see what comes. Then ask “what is the worst thing that can happen if I…let’s say apply for that job; or talk to that person.” see what comes. And maybe even follow it up with “what’s the best thing that will happen if I…apply for that job; talk to that person.” see what comes and allow that to drive you to go for it.

When we branch out and begin to live our dreams and desires, fear loves to get in the way. And we just need to use our divine resources to dig deep to find out the root of our fears, one by one; and to guide us step-by-step on our path where our soul purpose is revealed to us.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen