Do what you like; like what you do. I bought a coffee cup with that mantra on it to remind me that our work is meant to be something that we enjoy doing, that it gives us joy and fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong, work can have it’s moments, but overall it should be a happy place to go and to be. And what better way to receive that reminder than with your morning coffee? To start each day and ask yourself, am I doing something that expresses me today? More importantly do I like it.

So, why is it that sometimes we feel afraid of pursuing what we love to do? Is that step so far from our comfort zones? We take many steps to find our true path our true purpose, what our soul wants, what our heart wants. Some of us take the scenic route, some more direct but most likely this isn’t the first life we’ve lived; and our experiences are golden. Every experience is a way for us to shine our heart lights….express our true Selves.

Shining your heart light is to allow our heart to take the wheel and direct our next move. Whenever we allow our heart to lead the way, to shine, we live our truth. We connect to our soul and take another step toward being awake in this life. To be aware of our divinity, our divine guidance that is always with us and the fact that our life is meant to be happy, joyous and abundant.

Tuning into your heart shifts fear to the side and embraces joy. Embraces the support of the universe. Yes, you are that powerful. Your heart is that powerful, to overrule your mind where your ego, aka fear, resides. Your heart takes you from fear-based reaction to joy-based flow. How do you know if your heart is shining? It feels better, it feels good, easy, fun, happy and inspirational….any or all of the above…simple as that. Do what you like, like what you do. Do what feels good and feel good about what you do.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen