We all seem to be our own worst critics, where the human tendency is to look at the “should haves” in every situation. I wonder, is it safer to think of what we should have done? Rather than just to have done it? Is there comfort in thinking that something better lies ahead rather than knowing the best is right now? Fear takes many forms and can inhibit our actions, but shedding the fear is easier said than done.

One way to chip away at that block of fear, no matter what form it takes, is to do your best. We can dissolve that critic and the perceived safety of that “should have” place when we know, in our hearts, that we do our best. Knowing that everything that happens is perfectly in-tune with the universe because we are doing our best at all times. Can this be scary? Yes. You can’t hide behind “if I only…” — you own it. It’s yours. So take a minute and switch your mindset and know that you gave your best. That you always give your best. Do your best without judgement. Remove the judge and the critic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, hungry, angry, happy, energetic, spent, joyous or depressed, if you always do your best, you will experience life in the flow. Be easy on yourself and embrace what you are doing. Be present, accepting and allow yourself to flow and channel your best at all times. This energy resonates to all beings.

Don’t worry about outcomes or what people think. Know in your heart that you are doing your best. Without fear, without regret, without should-ing on yourself. Feel and believe in every cell of your being that what you are doing is your best and is in perfect timing with the universe. It’s time to relax into your best because whatever you do, it is that.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen