My mom told me recently, ‘when it comes to money, people become a different animal.’

Why is this? What causes the change? Why not change your thinking about money?

Money essentially is energy. It flows, grows, vibrates and changes. It gives us strength just as a good run, eating a cheeseburger or talking to a friend. It’s energy we spend and gain to keep our lives in balance. So when we feel low in energy, what do we do? We give our body a rest; drink a coffee; or eat an apple with peanut butter. Just as we do things to replenish our body energy; do the same for your money energy. Relax, breathe, fill your being with a sense of abundance. How do we do this? Affirmation statements using gratitude, “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”; manifesting and visualizing your self in a state of abundance, now.

Most importantly release the fear. Let go of the fear of not having enough; let go of the grip; give it up to the universe; and allow abundance to flow in. There is enough wealth for everyone in this world. The universe provides for us always now. Take time to know it, feel it in every cell of your being. Make it as easy as filling your glass with water and taking a drink. You can do it.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen