ThetaHealing Sessions

ThetaHealing Sessions

ThetaHealing Sessions

Clear Old Programs and Belief Systems and Transform Your Life with Theta Brain Wave Healing

Karen Taylor is a certified ThetaHealer, who studied under Amy Twiss, Master Thetahealing Practictioner, She uses the ThetaHealing technique to help people move forward on their life path by clearing old programs at the cellular level, which addresses the core, historical, genetic and soul belief systems. In this method you use the Theta brain wave state to connect to the Creator of All That Is to change those programs that no longer serve you and replace them with programs that will empower you for your highest and best good.

ThetaHealing was developed by Vianna Stibal after she was able to rid herself of cancer. This method essentially gives people a chance to heal and find empowerment within themselves at the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional levels. By changing your belief systems you change how you think, what you attract and your health.

Using the Thetahealing method you can become a master of transformation in your life. To learn more about ThetaHealing please visit

ThetaHealing sessions with Karen are 500 pesos for 1 hour.

ThetaHealing sessions include a conversation with the client about what they would like to focus and work on followed by a guided meditation addressing anything that comes up during the dialogue.

Karen does sessions in person or if you are not in La Manzanilla, she also does sessions by phone or Zoom.

Please contact her for an appointment at

ThetaHealing and Meditation video shorts:

Meditation in La Manzanilla — This 2-minute video leads you to your intuitive Self and invokes creativity. Includes photos from La Manzanila, Mexico and music by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

Meditation in La Manzanilla2 — This 2-minute video calms, centers and grounds you. Includes photos from La Manzanilla, Mexico accompanied by the Dalai Lama’s Healing Chant.

Meditation in La Manzanilla3 — This 2-minute video energizes and is a confidence and mood booster. Includes photos from La Manzanilla, Mexico accompanied by Gayatri Mantra by Dave Dale and Nadaji.