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Yoga with Cats in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico

Yoga with Cats
in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico

Yoga with Cats in
La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico

Yoga with Cats in an opensky space!

Experience the fun and creative energy of the Bending Tree Yoga studio in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico, where you will be joined by one (or more) of the many inspirational Yoga Cats that routinely come to class.

The Bending Tree open-sky studio offers a practice immersed in nature. Other services include reflexology and ThetaHealing sessions plus a NEW SESSION Energy Protection & Tune-ups available now at a special price for spring/summer.

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Bending Tree Online Classes Offers

Create Your Own Yoga/Frequency Changing Class

with Karen and the Yoga Cats Online

If you want more flexibility, you can mix and match from Karen’s different on-demand class videos and create your own yoga/meditation practice playlists on the BendingTreeYoga Channel. Have fun creating your own practice in the comfort of your own home. Facebook Video classes and Youtube channel classes are all free, but we welcome any support. You can make a donation through our Payment Page.


Private Yoga or Frequency Changing Online Classes

$35 per session

If you are looking for something much more personable and connected, Karen now offers private online classes.

With her 20 years of experience in teaching yoga and ways to change your frequency, she will adapt sessions to what is needed for you to shine in your practice and what brings the most benefits.

Private online yoga/frequency changing sessions

$35 (sessions are adapted to your needs and preferences)

Contact Karen to schedule a session at

Type of Private Session
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Online Classes Now Available for Continuing Education:

“Yoga Focus” and “Just Breathe”

Have Fun Earning Credits with Bending Tree

If you are looking for continuing education classes, Karen has put together two fun classes that makes it real easy for you to earn credits. And you can practice whenever you like because it’s all online. Soon “Chakras” and “How to Change Your Frequency” will be added to the CE curriculum.
Check out her profile at

Alternatively, you can also earn CEU credits through any of Karen’s in-studio classes or by booking private online sessions with her for only $35.


Bending Tree Healing Center Offers


Rejuvenate, Relax and Heal
with Reflexology Sessions

Reflexology is an ancient holistic art that provides deep relaxation while working various reflex areas to help heal and balance the body, mind and spirit.


Transform Your Life
with Theta Brain Wave Healing Sessions

The ThetaHealing technique helps people move forward on their life path by clearing old programs at the cellular level, which addresses the core, historical, genetic & soul belief systems.


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