Happy and sad; bliss and frustration; easy and difficult; gaining and losing.

Life seems full of opposing forces, but the truth is, it’s all the same. The universe is always cheering for us and giving us signs and nudges to keep us on our path of inspiration and pure joy. It’s our perceptions that make it seem hard, sad and frustrating.

The law of attraction, a universal law, states “like attracts like.” So when we think something is frustrating it attracts more frustration, but if we go into the situation thinking it is blissful then you attract more bliss. It’s a state of mind and a state of the heart — we think it and we feel it to make it so.

What happens when we understand the law of attraction, a seemingly difficult situation turns easy; what we saw as something we lost, we realize it isn’t ours in the first place. We are in the flow, in balance, in abundance and in a state of evenness that allows for us to feel good all the time, feel the happiness that is our natural state.

If we truly and absolutely embrace this principle; and feel it in our heart and soul, than we have nothing to lose as everything happens for our highest and best good! To feel that we have nothing to lose pushes fear aside and allows the magic to happen.

How do we do this? Start by creating a mantra or saying to repeat over and over when you are feeling frustrated, sad or in a state of lack. For example if you feeling like you don’t have enough money: “I’m in the flow now and money flows to me from all directions.” If a situation is frustrating — “I know now that everything is perfect.” And, an example for when you are feeling sad or depressed — “I am the power and presence of God creating this situation that is untrue and I reclaim my power now.”

Then feel this mantra in your heart. Feel the joy of abundance, happiness and your power within.

Even if a situation is perceived as “bad” really it is what you needed at that moment to remind you to change course, switch it up and take the easy, natural way to flow in-Spirit. Life is essentially easy, we add drama and difficulty where there really isn’t any. When we realize that everything happens perfectly in that moment the walls come down and your world opens. You will see and experience things that you never imagined before. And, you realize, you have nothing to lose.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen