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Yoga Cat of the Meowth

Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock is one cool dude. He loves saying hello to students and it only takes on touch and he’s purring like a truck. Mr. Spock also is a unique Yoga Cat in that he is the only one who likes carbs such as Cheetos; Doritos; and even bread from the bread guy.

His favorite hobbies are strutting around the studio looking for pets; rolling around in the arroyo sand; and welcoming all new Yoga Kittens to the crew.

He just showed up in front of our house one day and we are so happy he did. We think he’s about 8 years old.

Meowtastic Videos

Winning Video of the Super Cute Kitten Series

I’m sure it was hard to choose, but this video won meowt. Experience kitten curiosity first-hand here with Yoga Kittens Stevie & Thor as they discover a Magic Fountain! Plus you can view the entire Super Cute Kitten Series playlist by clicking the button below.

If you have a favorite from the kitten playlist or would like to be a part of the meowtastic video audience to pick favorites from playlists, please let me meow by emailing:

All views support the Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund.

View Super Cute Kitten Playlist

Short 3 minutes of Pawstures at Sunrise

This is a part of a Sunrise Series of videos that you can mix and match together to create your own practice and live your yoga! Yoga Cat Angel guides us through this creative practice opening hips & hamstrings; heart & spine. This is a seated session for all levels.

All views support the Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund.

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Mews and Services

Classes meowtside at the studio

Currently this summer’s classes are on-call. You name the day and time. Enjoy a private lesson or schedule with friends. For the month of September we have Wed & Fri class 9-9:45 a.m. where you are welcome to drop in.

Cost is 150 pesos per person for a 45-minute session and 6-packs are available. Buy 5 classes and get 1 free. All classes are for all levels and mats are available for all students.

Register here

Custom Yoga & Meditation

If you’re not in La Manzanilla, you can still enjoy Yoga with Cats via Zoom.

Enjoy a custom yoga or meditation class for a special price of only $20 USD per hour session for the months of September and October. Examples of specialized sessions include: Yoga for Sleep; Hip & Shoulder Yoga; & Chakra Tuning Meditation. Look for a regular season schedule starting Oct. 31.

Pay here

Animal Health and Wellness Fund

Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund was established to help bring health and happiness to our animal friends. Anytime you purchase a Bending Tree class or service; or watch one of the many videos on BendingTreeYoga Channel you make a contribution to this fund. Monies go to a variety of venues to help with sterilization clinics; rescuing; and adoption services. Donations to this fund are also welcome at any time. Thank you.

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