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Yoga Cat of the Meowth

Luna & Marmalade

These 2 are not only mother (Luna) and daughter (Marmalade) but also are purrfect pals. You can find them snuggled together in a variety of places around the house including top of the fridge; and on my desk.

When she’s not hanging out at Bending Tree Yoga, Luna loves to fit herself into the smallest box; and has been known to break open the bag of cat food when she wants a snack. Marmalade is more of a homecat and when she’s not snuggling with her mom, she likes to perch in a crate; on a table or stool and will give you a love pat as you walk by.

Luna, known as Luna Lunes, is 7 years old and Marmalade, known as Marmy is 6.

Meowtastic Videos

Lady of the Night Blooms Amews Yoga Cats

This is one of several videos of the Lady of the Night Cactus blooming. These flowers only bloom at nighttime (around midnight) and as you can see the Yoga Cats get a little curious. Enjoy 7 blooms in this video with a medley of Yoga Cats sprinkled throughout. This video is set to music for added amewsment and relaxation.

All views support the Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund.

Meowtastic Videos

Yoga Cat Star’s Pawsome Moves

Yoga Cat Star has developed quite a yoga practice here at Bending Tree. He joins me for a variety of poses including triangle, warrior 1 & 2, table, childs pose, chair and now dolphin pushups! Check out his style here.

All views support the Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund.

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Mews and Services

What to expect Meowtside at the Studio

The 2022-2023 season has begun! The Bending Tree Studio is open-sky where you are immersed in nature while you practice. Some of our special guests in addition to Yoga Cats are Max the horse; Dr. Wizeman the heron; and “The Big Guy” a large iguana with orange spikes and belly. Know it is always ok to bird watch; pet yoga cats and point out any nature sightings during class.

Classes are Mon, Wed & Fri at 8:30-9:15 a.m. and 9:45-10:30 a.m. Cost is 150 pesos and 6-packs are available for 750 pesos (buy 5 and get one free!). OR get a YogaAwesome Deal for 1000 pesos, which includes a month of unlimited classes. All classes are for all levels and mats are available for all students.

Yoga Scholarships are available for anyone who needs financial assistance for classes. All you have to do is ask Karen. Pricing for YogaScholarships students are usually 100 pesos or $7 USD per class. But each case is handled individually and remains private. Also know that all classes leftover from purchased 6-packs go toward our YogaScholarship program. Or, you can make an individual contribution.

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ThetaHealing & Energy Protection — Purrfect Together

ThetaHealing is a type of energy healing that uses a guided relaxation session to get to the theta level of brain waves to provide a healing at all levels of your being — conscious, energetic and physical. As a part of the ThetaHealing process, there are energy protection techniques that you can learn to keep your being in tip top shape.

Energy protection is a gentle yet powerful way to keep yourself in balance in a variety of situations. You might choose to learn such techniques if, for example, you feel stress in a work situation; you find yourself feeling uncomfortable around a person; or you just feel in general tired like something is wearing on you.

Combining Thetahealing & Energy Protection or even Reflexology has no extra cost. Each 1-hour session of Reflexology, ThetaHealing or a combo is 600 pesos at the studio and 800 pesos at your location.

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Animal Health and Wellness Fund

Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund was established to help bring health and happiness to our animal friends. Anytime you purchase a Bending Tree class or service; or watch one of the many videos on BendingTreeYoga Channel you make a contribution to this fund. Monies go to a variety of venues to help with sterilization clinics; rescuing; and adoption services. Donations to this fund are also welcome at any time. Thank you.

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