Last week I decided to take some time off…no teaching, no special classes, no nothing at the studio. I thought it would be a good time for me to re-energize before I started my new Fall/Winter/Spring schedule. But my time off soon turned into getting a construction project going and mosaic-ing the studio bathroom.

What happened to doing nothing? Relaxing? And then I realized that, like my teaching and classes these projects gave me joy. To add pieces of tile, rocks, glass, action figures and beads to the cement that I mixed felt great. The creativity was flowing and I felt re-energized.

Although doing nothing and just being can definitely provide the re-energizing I needed; so can changing the routine and switching things up. So how do you know what you need? Well a sure sign is what your heart says. For example, if you switched your routine and it seems stressful or difficult that is a sign to back things up, slow it down and take a minute to re-evaluate. If you try to “have a quiet day” and you find yourself thinking about projects, getting easily distracted or yearning for the outdoors, while you are meditating or reading don’t force it. Take a break and maybe go for a run, practice yoga, paint, play racquetball, whatever feels good to burn some energy and calm the mind. Then revisit that quiet space and see where it leads.

The most important thing is to take it one step at a time without fear or judgement. Tap into your heart consciousness and see what it tells you. Then listen to how it feels each step of the way and don’t be afraid to change and adjust when needed.

Your next action could be stillness … or bring on the projects … either way, let your heart lead the way.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen