When I think of investing in myself, things like massages, pedicures, or a vacation, come to mind. But sometimes it isn’t about the things we do but the things that happen. The experience is the investment. It is giving yourself the experiences in life to get to know what serves you and what doesn’t. It’s the journey.

When we invest in ourselves we accumulate experiences, gain knowledge, clear old habits, discover and hone our intuition.

And, well, sometimes that journey involves a weekend getaway at a fancy spa.

But many times it’s going outside your comfort zone — going to a different yoga class, for example, or taking Spanish lessons; or chaperoning a youth camping trip. Sometimes it’s taking a leap of faith and letting go of control of a situation, such as apologizing to a friend.

All of these things, our everyday actions and encounters are an investment in ourselves. A chance to grow, serve and be a part of a greater good. To discover our path, fine tune it, change it and continue on it the best we can with all the tools we have in our heart toolbox.

If we think about every experience as an investment in ourselves we realize that all experiences are good and have potential to light a fire within us.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen