Yes, you are that powerful. Your thoughts create. We’ve heard this from all the masters such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks and don Miguel Ruiz. The problem sometimes comes in the believing it. In believing in ourselves and that this is our true power, our thoughts.

So why do we doubt this? Is it because it doesn’t happen instantly when we want? That we feel we are not good enough? Or maybe we are afraid? It is easy to blame someone else for our problems or our circumstances and very scary to think that it is all of our own making.

So let’s take a brief look at how the universe works. When we think a thought it creates a vibration. And this vibration attracts one of its own like-minded vibrations to you. This sets up an alignment in the universe to what you’re thinking. So if you think — “I am going to buy a house.” You are setting that in motion. Now what about timing? You can turn your thought into more of an affirmation statement such as “I buy a house now.” That can speed things up as it gives a little more direction to the thought; or even better add gratitude — “I am happy and grateful now that I buy a house.”

OK, so now all we have to do is keep that thought and allow divine timing to do its thing. And this can mean waiting. The universe knows no timing so two months is the same as two days or two years. But we are living in human-time and this means we need to add a little faith and focus to our process because as humans we can become impatient. So ignore any discouraging thoughts; stay with your affirmative thought; and notice signs that will guide you to your creation, in this case buying a house. It could be a job offer comes along and you need to move and find housing in another location (the push you needed to start the process perhaps); or a flyer comes in the mail for a real estate seminar (the guidance to maybe buy now or wait depending on the housing market).

The important thing is you stay with your thought, your dream, and it will happen in divine timing as all things do. Know it, feel it and have fun with what comes next.

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