I’ve been so consumed with teaching these past few months that I’ve allowed my personal yoga practice to slip away from me. And the reason for this is simple, I just wanted someone else to tell me what to do. I wanted to be the receiver of guidance so I could focus just on me. Because I’ve tried to practice yoga in my own living area creating my own “routine,” and as much as I think of myself as a decent yogi, I still have to get the phone when it rings. And because I know this about myself, I knew I just needed something or someone to give me that boost of inspiration to begin being a student again and more importantly stay focused. And without traditional classes readily available to me, I had to search elsewhere, and found it in the form of audio podcasts. For some reason when I hear the voice instructing me through my iTouch the urge to answer the phone, sweep the floor, feed the cats dissipates.

But whatever you are looking to get back into, whether it be running, painting or playing the guitar, sometimes it takes going through a few different methods to find something or someone that kick starts our inspiration. And that’s OK. It’s important to find the right thing to not only get us back into our practice and but also bring joy to it. Because all aspects of life are essentially a practice that are meant to be enjoyable and inspirational and many times shared.

And, it’s the art of practice that hones our skills and ignites our souls in this lifetime and the next and the next.  It’s the art of practice that forms a stronger connection to our Highest Self. It’s showing up and doing it no matter what the outcome, without judgement and finding some fun in it. The art of practice is knowing that each time is your best.

Until we reach enlightenment, uniting with the Creator of All That Is (aka Highest Self) we continue the art of practice and along the way it takes finding someone to tell you what to do. And when we find the guidance that is so integral to our growing and expanding, we can come back to the root knowledge of all practices: I am here.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen