Yesterday on my way up the stairs to my apartment where I’m staying as I teach yoga for the month at a retreat center outside of Puerto Vallarta, a little boy passed me and said to his friend (in Spanish), “I am going to the river.” The river is right at the bottom of the steps as the rain the night before increased the flow of it. The river is shallow, only shin high, but very fresh and runs all the time right in front of where I live. The boy walked down a few steps to the bottom and proceeded to just jump right in, bend his knees so he can wet his face and jumped back up again. It made me giggle. To see such uninhibited joy is so inspiring! And it got me thinking.

We seem to lose this uninhibited joy as we grow older. We layer ourselves in experiences, rules, programs, perceived problems, drama, hurt feelings and before we know it, instead of growing joy inside of us we have grown a big ball of fear. And, our childlike existence has gone missing. So how do we locate it again? And, how do we tap into it again?

Wrapping ourselves in a ego-driven blanket fueled by fear and insecurities, can be unwound with a little work and alot of help from the Universe. We must remember that the universe is our biggest fan. The power of the universe whether it be God, the Divine, Spirit, however you refer to it; is always there to help, guide and provide. All we need to do is tap into it; believe in it; and feel it in our hearts. This, however can be easier said than done, but we have to start somewhere.

To start, acknowledge the fear or the sense of anxiety when it arises. And ask questions like, what is this about? what am I resistant to? What am I holding on to? What am I not giving? What am I afraid of? What’s the real issue here? See what comes up. But most importantly release the feeling of fear. You may have to do this 100 times per day as the ego is there waiting to reincarnate fear whenever you lose it; so let it go. Say the words: I am released from my fear now. I am worthy, I am deserving, I am love.

Then, well, go for whatever it is you were experiencing the fear about. Maybe starting a conversation with someone you like. Just make up your mind that the next time you see them you will say hello and go from there. Or give them a call now. Know that you are always safe and the Universe has your back at all times. What a gift! Just writing that makes me feel like I can do anything!

One of the things I have been struggling with is speaking Spanish to the other employees here at this retreat center. I am the only American on staff, and although most of the employees speak English, I made up my mind to try a little Spanish each day, even if I have to switch to English when I don’t know the words. I’m doing it. And it feels good. Now, I find that the people feel more comfortable with me. And THEY have started conversations with ME! All my imagined fear was not real, and in fact I realized that they were having a hesitation to talk with me thinking I wouldn’t understand or might react badly. So to break through perceptions, a primary root of fear, take action, don’t wait for someone else to make the first move. Go for it now. It’s the only way to locate and let loose your inner child again, poco a poco.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen