Note: This is the third in a 3-part series of Inspirational Shorts along with You are that Powerful and Clearing Past Programs and Beliefs

Now it’s time for action. We’ve created our affirmation statements; visualized our dream happening. But now it’s time to act on our dreams. And sometimes this is where we stop. Taking action is scary let’s face it.

So now what…where do we go from here? Well, there are 3 basic things we need to keep in mind and close to our hearts as we move forward.
1. Listening to your heart. Your heart speaks the truth of your soul. If you have a good feeling about something do it; if you have a bad feeling, don’t, it is that simple.

2. Stay in the flow. When there is too much resistance to one idea, change directions. Don’t feel obligated to hang on to one idea, change is natural and good.

3. Stay open. This allows opportunities that you haven’t thought of to flow right in.

By keeping these three “rules of thumb” in mind and heart you will be more efficient in manifesting the life of your dreams and living your truth. And you will have more fun doing it. As for the physical action steps, start with a timeline then list things that need to be done — not too specific, but general, and even write it as an affirmation statement, for example. I am so happy and grateful now that…..and list that project. And continue to keep joy in your heart.

Anytime fear or doubt make an appearance, cancel it and hand it over to Spirit. Stay focused on the positive and believe in yourself. Spirit wants you to succeed and will provide what you need to get there.

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