This year is the year of the Dragon; a year of powerful acceleration and abundance. Each year I make resolutions and there’s something exhilarating and uplifting as I write down my dreams, the limitless possibilities. Perhaps it is the one time per year that I dream without fear. I bring in the New Year with good intentions and a feeling in my heart that anything is possible.

And each year I find myself 3 weeks in; 2 months in; 6 months in; and I forgot what my intentions and resolutions were, never mind attempting to create them. But this year is going to be different. OK, I know what that sounds like, but the reason I know it will be different is because I am different. I am different because it was like a little light bulb lit up the sky as I realized that I am surrounded by inspiration and divine guidance 24/7. And, the fact is, we all are!

I found this divine inspiration and guidance in the form of a book at the used bookstore; music I hear on a drive or in a yoga class; people in my life who come and go; and, yes, even Facebook posts (don’t laugh as I do feel that I see a quote or post that I need each day to spark an idea, make a decision or feel a little uplifted.)

And, you can see this divinity in your life, too. It’s just a matter of being open to see, to receive and to act. It sounds easy, but sometimes can be difficult amid the many disruptions and distractions that occur in this life. However, recognizing inspiration is the first step in creating the life of your dreams. Knowing it’s possible and out there for you and to ask for what you want without fear. I realized that I seem to not feel afraid when making a statement like “I can’t afford to go out to dinner tonight.” And, what I asked for was to not afford to go out to dinner and to continue to not afford it.

There are many philosophies that come into play such as the Law or Attraction or The Four Agreements, but to make it simple, the universe provides for everything we ask for. So why not ask to have all that I need and more to be able to go out to dinner with my friends. Try a statement like: “I don’t know how I have the money to eat out at my favorite restaurant, but I do now and I am fulfilled.” Ask for what you want without fear or judgement. Nothing is ridiculous and all is possible.

After you have asked for what you wanted, then visualize it, see that dinner in detail from appetizer to entree to the color of your napkin. Then, feel it in your heart and know that it is yours now. Go ahead and get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside your heart consciousness when thinking about the dinner.

A way to maintain that level of vibration to what you want is to notice when doubt creeps in or fear sneaks up on you and cancel it. Just say “cancel” to the universe and repeat the original statement “I don’t know how I have the money to eat out at my favorite restaurant but I do now and I am fulfilled.”

You can create all kinds of positive statements about what you want, there is no limit. The universe is full of abundance and is ready to give you what you ask for. Have fun with it, be playful and notice the difference in your life as transformation starts here and now. So, here’s to creating the life of your dreams this year and bring on the abundance in the new year.

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Thank you and Namaste, Karen