In the quest to harnessing our personal power and creating the life of our dreams, past programs and belief systems will surface and present themselves so that we can clear them. But how do we identify a past program or belief system? The easiest way is to notice when we are feeling stuck or there is resistance to what we are doing.

For example, in our last Inspirational Short, “You are that Powerful,” we talked of stating an affirmation statement because your thoughts are what you create. We said “I am so happy and grateful now that I buy a house.” And it’s been 6 months and there hasn’t been even a hint that it’s going to happen. Now some of it could be divine timing, but most likely you are blocking the progress with past programs or belief systems, or both.

Maybe it’s a belief that you don’t deserve a house; a program that states you have to have so much money in the bank first; the fear that if you buy the house you won’t be able to afford other things; or just the fear of increased responsibility and change.

You can discover what is holding you back from your dream by asking yourself a few questions whenever a block arises.  Am I afraid of something? What’s the worst that can happen if I buy this house? When I think about buying this house, how do I feel? These can help pinpoint where the block is coming from. With acceptance and acknowledgement we bring these beliefs and programs to the surface and now we are ready to clear.

How do we clear them? It can be as simple as spending time meditating to release that program to the universe and replace it with the belief that you deserve a house of your own or the ability to buy a house without fear. Or it may take a little more, using energy work such as ThetaHealing to fully clear it because it could be attached to a past life.

Clearing past programs and belief systems is a constant practice, but as we move forward on our path we find roadblocks and transform them into doorways. And, it’s important to find the joy in the journey of discovery that these moments bring.

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