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Welcome to Bending Tree Mewsletter where you can find resources for your practice; fun facts about Yoga Cats and what’s going on meow at the studio. Sign up to receive it in your inbox here. Enjoy!

Yoga Cat of the Meowth


Seven years ago there was a tiny black kitten who was found abandoned and needed care. He came to us soon after one of our dogs named Polo passed so we couldn’t help ourselves and named him Marco. His eyes were open, but he could not eat kibble yet. This became our first bottle-feeding experience, where we discovered that sometimes a kitten’s ears will wiggle when they drink!

Marco soon got off the bottle and was eating kibble in meow time. You never know for sure what a kitten will look like as an adult cat, but Marco grew into this majestic black cat with the shiniest coat and iridescent greenish eyes.

His purrsonality matches his majestic looks as he holds a calm and commanding presence among the other cats and around the house and studio. He profoundly uses a combo of eye contact and his voice to keep peace and order. When he’s finished cataloging, he comes over for pets while he purrs meowdly. Such a cool cat to be around.

Meowtastic Videos

Breezy Savasana View

Experience a view in savasana (final resting posture in yoga) anytime, anywhere with this collection of Savasana View Playlist. This is the mewest one filmed on a breezy day. Enjoy the sounds of the breeze, birds and a hammer that keeps the rhythm plus see the colors change in the plants and palm fronds.

All views support the Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund.

Meowtastic Videos

Unmewt Your Heart

Join Yoga Cat Mr. Spock and friends for a session to help you tune into your heart space and let it shine. Be ready to have your heart melt with the amount of amewsing moments with Yoga Cats. πŸ˜»πŸΎπŸ’™πŸ’š

All views support the Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund.

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Mews and Services


The Bending Tree Menmew of Services includes a variety of studio and online options so you can participate even if you are not in La Manzanilla.

Thetahealing: A type of energy healing that addresses the many levels of you. Each session includes a dialogue followed with a relaxation session meant to heal, balance and increase your frequency. Sessions can be about whatever you would like to work on or whatever comes up. You can address specific issues (physical, emotional, spiritual) or can just be a general energy tune-up. Sessions are 600 pesos or $35 USD and can be combined with Reflexology. Available by Zoom.

Reflexology: Your feet contain physical and energetic points that relate to the entire body. And, you can enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation to your whole being with a massage of the feet. Sessions can be combined with ThetaHealing all for the same price, 600 pesos at the studio or 800 at your location. As soon as a Zoom Reflexology becomes pawsible, I’ll let you meow. πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸΎ

Classes Meowtside at the Studio: We currently offer regular classes on Tues & Thurs with Yoga Strong at 8:30 a.m. and Gentle Yoga at 10 a.m. Both classes are for all levels and are 150 pesos per person or purchase a 6-pack for 750 pesos. Available by Zoom. Note all times are Mountain Times.

Podcasts: Another MEW Podcast has been added to the Podcast Menmew. Enjoy a 40-minute practice of Yoga Strong with Yoga Dog Benny. It is especially pawsome because you can hear Benny snorting and barking with joy during the class. Gotta love that Yoga Dog energy!

More pawsibilities: Did you meow you can work on Continuing Education Credits with Bending Tree? We have several classes that you can take as self-study for free or receive personal guidance and feedback with Karen starting at $20 USD. Currently classes available are Yoga Focus (how to find peace and stillness within) and Just Breathe (explore the power of breathing, the most important part of your yoga practice)Thetahealing: A type of energy healing that addresses the many levels of you. Each session includes a dialogue lso continmews on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10 a.m. This class offers gentle opening using the breath to hold poses a little longer. This class is for all levels and offers a fun way to ease yourself into a practice. Yoga Dog Benny also attends for added joy and inspiration.

The Podcast menu here on our site includes a variety of practices from gentle to flow to half-hour of power to meditation. These podcasts are also available to download for free to you don’t need the internet to practice with them.

BendingTreeYoga Channel on YouTube offers several playlists with a mix of yoga and meditation in Yoga with Cats Create Your Own Practice. These playlists include several short practice segments from 4 to 9 minutes for a total of a 1.5 hour practice (that you can shorten on your own) or 30 minutes in the REMIX version.

Yoga Scholarships are available for anyone who needs financial assistance for classes. All you have to do is ask Karen. Pricing for YogaScholarships students are usually 100 pesos or $7 USD per class. But each case is handled individually and remains private. Also know that all classes leftover from purchased 6-packs go toward our YogaScholarship program. Or, you can make an individual contribution.

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Animal Health and Wellness Fund

Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund was established to help bring health and happiness to our animal friends. Anytime you purchase a Bending Tree class or service; or watch one of the many videos on BendingTreeYoga Channel you make a contribution to this fund. Monies go to a variety of venues to help with sterilization clinics; rescuing; and adoption services. Donations to this fund are also welcome at any time. Thank you.

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