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Welcome to Bending Tree Mewsletter where you can find resources for your practice; fun facts about Yoga Cats and what’s going on meow at the studio. Sign up to receive it in your inbox here. Enjoy!

Yoga Cat of the Meowth


Marilyn, otherwise known as Mari-rascals, came to us injured (or so we thought) and after a long car ride to the emergency vet, she just walked out of the kennel to say “you’ve got to be kitten me.” There are 2 sides to her purrsonality: a serious, hunting side and a playful side full of pranks and we love them both.

She is considered a Dilute Tortoiseshell cat and her coloring is excellent cameowflage around the studio and arroyo.

When Marilyn is not being a rascal, she enjoys laying on me when I go to bed and is very serious about helping me fall asleep with her soothing purrs. She is meow 2 years old.

Meowtastic Videos

Sunny Sparkles & Water Sounds

Take the nature of La Manzanilla with you anywhere, with a variety of nature videos on BendingTreeYoga Channel like this one here. Experience the peaceful sounds of the arroyo running. A sunny day brings extra sparkles to the occasion.

See a full playlist of Nature in La Manzanilla here.

All views support the Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund.

Meowtastic Videos

Yoga Cat Mr. Spock gives me a hairdo

Yoga Cat Mr. Spock outdoes himself in this hilarious video of him giving me a hairdo.

All views support the Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund.

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Mews and Services

Finding that purrfect mind/body connection meowtside at the studio.

The Bending Tree Studio’s open-sky space offers a variety of ways for you to work on your Yoga Focus, through the many surrounding sounds that I refer to as the Yoga Soundtrack.

We have a Yoga Soundtrack in our everyday lives from bird songs to car horns, but this is where the work begins. Meowtside at the studio there are plenty of bird songs paired with the sounds of palm fronds swaying in the breeze and an occasional horse whinny, but there can be construction sounds; or the variety of vehicles selling things such as the gas guy; the water guy and the one selling PLATANO MACHOS. And, it all adds character to your location.

A way to inner peace is to acknowledge our Yoga Soundtrack and do our best to feel the harmony in it. As we practice feeling the harmony in our surroundings, the easier it becomes. And, in fact, you are changing the frequency within and around you.

Classes are Mon, Wed & Fri at 8:30-9:15 a.m. and 9:45-10:30 a.m. Cost is 150 pesos and 6-packs are available for 750 pesos (buy 5 and get one free!). OR get a YogaPawsome Deal for 1000 pesos, which includes a month of unlimited classes.

MEW CLASSES ON TUES & THURS for the remainder of the 2023 season are Yoga Strong at 8:30-9 a.m. and Gentle Yoga at 10-10:45 a.m. If you have a Yoga Pawsome Deal, it just got more pawsome. Please note for Yoga Strong, this class is by donation and will include Yoga Dog Benny in attendance.

Private sessions are also available in the studio or via Zoom. Private sessions in the studio are 600 pesos and $35 USD on Zoom.range spikes and belly. Know it is always ok to bird watch; pet yoga cats and point out any nature sightings during class.

Yoga Scholarships are available for anyone who needs financial assistance for classes. All you have to do is ask Karen. Pricing for YogaScholarships students are usually 100 pesos or $7 USD per class. But each case is handled individually and remains private. Also know that all classes leftover from purchased 6-packs go toward our YogaScholarship program. Or, you can make an individual contribution.

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Keep your frequency pawtastic

We all vibrate at a certain frequency. This is how we form relationships and connections with people, animals, places and everything in our lives. This is why maybe green makes you feel inspired but purple feels heavy. It can determine why you feel comfortable in one place but not another. We are constantly making energetic connections.

As we grow in all aspects of our lives, so does our frequency. And you may notice that now purple inspires along with green or a song that was inspirational to you when you were younger, doesn’t have the same energy.

We are constantly changing and growing and as we do, our vibration changes with us. Knowing this is happening can help you find peace in your life by finding a harmony with your surroundings rather than a conflict.

The bottom line is to live at our highest vibration in a place of peace and joy. So as you move through different situations, notice how you feel. If it feels wrong, then it most likely is and you need to change something; if it feels right, enjoy it.

It is a constant practice, but once you get in the habit of noticing your feelings and making adjustments when necessary, it becomes second nature. Stress and anxiety will be easily dissolved and peace and joy will rule. And, this will create a pawtastic frequency for yourself anytime, anywhere. 💜💙💚😺🐾.

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Animal Health and Wellness Fund

Bending Tree Animal Health and Wellness Fund was established to help bring health and happiness to our animal friends. Anytime you purchase a Bending Tree class or service; or watch one of the many videos on BendingTreeYoga Channel you make a contribution to this fund. Monies go to a variety of venues to help with sterilization clinics; rescuing; and adoption services. Donations to this fund are also welcome at any time. Thank you.

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