Bending Tree Inspirational Shorts

Bending Tree Inspirational Shorts

new-thoughtsMy mom told me recently, ‘when it comes to money, people become a different animal.’

Why is this? What causes the change? Why not change your thinking about money?

We all seem to be our own worst critics, where the human tendency is to look at the "should haves" in every situation. I wonder, is it safer to think of what we should have done? Rather than just to have done it? Is there comfort in thinking that something better lies ahead rather than knowing the best is right now? Fear takes many forms and can inhibit our actions, but shedding the fear is easier said than done.

I recently had an encounter with a friend and she told me about her vacation. While she was telling me the story, I felt a stab in my stomach. What the heck was that? Was that jealousy taking a shot at me? She's a good friend and I want to see her happy and yet I got this feeling seemingly out of nowhere.  Wait, check it. Yes, it's jealousy. What's up with that feeling? And more importantly, why? I'm not in high school, I'm so past this, aren't I?

I recently got a new puppy and it's been awhile since I had one. Amid the joy of this adorable new being, I found myself missing my last dog intensely because he was so easy. Sure after 5 years of being with me he came when called, knew my running routine and didn't pee in the house. But now it's different. I felt as if I was starting over and I wondered; why didn't I just keep my life simple.

And the bottom line is my life would not have been as rich and magical as it is now without this new addition and, in fact, with all the change in my life that's happened so far. Without change my heart would not have known such opening.

The hard part, however, is letting go of the past, the attachment to the way things once were. Letting go amidst fear, doubt and that pesky ego, who tries to convince you that you're better off alone, isolated and keeping to yourself holding on tight to all your things.